Annual Family Bike Ride

Over 45 children and adults took part in our Annual Sponsored Bike Ride at the beginning of June. Many were family groups and everyone cycled the 20 km to Leadgate and back along the railway track. The rain held off and a lot of fun was had by all. Here a few photos from the night.

The first groups of photos show us setting off and then there are some pictures of cyclists arriving at the mid way point. Well done everyone. Money raised through this will be going towards resources for OPAL.


Easter Egg Mania

Once again we were not disappointed by the creativity of the children and adults in our Easter Egg Competition. Thanks  also to all parents who came in to help the Upper School children on the morning of the event. It’s never easy judging the winners and we always lean to the ones where we think the child has been at the centre of the creation.

Here are some of our winning designs.

IMG_1997IMG_1996 IMG_1995 IMG_1994 IMG_1992 IMG_1993 IMG_1993 IMG_1991 IMG_1990 IMG_1989 IMG_1988 IMG_1987 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1984 



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Great entries for our reading competition

We held a competition this term for all children. They had to present a picture of themselves reading in their favourite place and explain why this was such a special place as well as tell us about their favourite author. We had some fantastic entries and thanks must go to their parents too for encouraging children to enter. From Pre-School right through to Y6 children responded very well, making the job of judging them so difficult. A display of the winning entries is going to be put up in the Upper School Library but here are a few for you to enjoy on the blog.

Winning EntryWinnerWinner 6Winner 5Winner 5 (2)Winner 4


The Highway Rat – a recount

Year 5 and 6 have been reading ‘The Highway Rat’ by Julia Donaldson. Today in Big Writing they had to write a recount. Here is one proud writer, showing off their work to you.

I should have known better than to take the murky short cut through the woods. I should have listened to my sister. Then I wouldn’t be in this mess. It was my turn to collect the freshly baked buns, cake and chocolate . I was full of excitement. Mum said ‘Wait ‘til noon’, but I couldn’t hold the suspense. So I went before sunrise because I really, really wanted those lavished with chocolate icing cakes and a nice steaming hot cup of coffee. But on the way a thick blanket of fog rolled in. Then I heard a voice saying ‘Give me your buns and your biscuits.’ There was the highway rat! With his big black hat and his big black horse. I replied ‘All I have is a tomato.’ He said ‘That tomato is probably squishy but I am the highway rat and everything is mine.’

After that I felt devastated. I am never going there again!





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Some fantastic writing from Y4

Last term Y4 were reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and using it to inspire their writing. We were really impressed with their work. Here are some examples of the great descriptive sentences they wrote:-

Amy – Slowly he turned his huge, horned head…

Caitlin – His head, as colossal as a bedroom but as square as a cube, …

Adam – He looked as red as fire and his eyes shone like the moon.

Jimmy – His eyes shone like illuminous fire flames in the dark.

Cole – Falling from head to heel, his enormous head fell off.

Ella – He lay in the darkness as the sea swept upon the shore.


Having read those descriptions I am sure you have a clear picture in your mind of the scene they are describing. Let us know what you think by posting a comment.

Here is Leon’s paragraph describing his own version of the Iron Man, motor mouth, as he approaches the edge of the cliff.

The motor mouth came to the edge of the cliff. How far had he walked? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows. Taller than the tallest tree, the motor mouth stood at the top of the cliff on the brink, in the darkness. The wind against his face. His great iron head shaped like a car wheel but as big as a swimming pool, slowly turned left, slowly turned right. His massive ears turned this way and that way. He was hearing the sea. His eyes, like doughnuts, were searching the sea.

What a great description. I love the phrase ‘his eyes, like doughnuts’ – I can really imagine how wide his eyes were at this point, desperately searching the scene.




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Update on Attendance

At the end of the autumn term we had 74 children who had 100% attendance for the whole year. What an achievement. Here are some of them receiving their 100% attendance badge in our first assembly in January 2016.

attendance 2Miss Alder’s class won the race for the first half of the autumn term and they enjoyed a class tea party with their £20 winnings.  Mr Temple announced the winning class for the second half of the autumn term. This is the class who have moved at the fastest pace around the racing track.

Dec 2015

The table above shows how the cars were positioned on the track before the last week and Mrs Johnson’s class increased their total by two in the last week ensuring that they won the race with 15 spaces moved. (Cars move 1 space for 95% attendance or above, 2 spaces for 98% and 4 spaces for 100%). They have won £20 to spend as they choose and the race has begun again this half term.

Take a look at this chart below to see how the classes have started this term. Good attendance is essential to good progress and the children at Tanfield Lea know how important this is. We hope to see the attendance improving during the term, particularly for those classes who have not scored 95% or above this week.

Jan 2016





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British Values Wall

Last term the whole school were involved in some creative work around British Values. The children brainstormed what ‘British Values’ meant to them and then they designed pictures linked to their thoughts and ideas. Sue, a local artist, then adapted all these terrific images to become designs on birds which the children then recreated in mosaic. The above picture is the final result. Themes cover a wide variety of aspects including multicultural friendships, Team GB, fish and chips, equality, the Royal Family, peace among faiths, friendship and justice. I wonder if you can spot these on the birds in the picture? Well done everyone in creating such a beautiful and meaningful work of art.


Amazing Attendance

Our attendance race has got off to a fantastic start this year. A few cars have shot adround the first bend of our racing track. The winning class car so far is Miss Alder’s class on, as you can see, a huge 10! With 3 more weeks to go, any class could still win the first £20 of the year!

We’ve also been doing weekly prizes for 100% attendance. If any child has 100% for the week they are entered into the prize draw. Our numbers have grown each week. Week 1 saw 194 children with 100% attendance, Week 2 – 203, Week 3 – 239 and Week 4 a huge 246. Well done everyone for this!!  Keep up the good, healthy work!


News of the Week

This week in assembly we talked about the news of the week. One of the items was about the Syrian refugees and we discussed civil wars. I was most impressed whenJames one of our Y3 boys could explain very clearly what a civil war is – ‘It’s when the Syrians are fighting each other.’ He looks rightly proud!!